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Northern Rascals are looking for highly trained contemporary dancers with theatrical experience to join the company for various projects in 2019.

We are looking for
Experienced professional dancers and Apprentices who have contemporary dance training, theatrical experience, improvisation skills and the ability to let go.
Specific skills such as acrobatics and gymnastics are preferential but not a necessity.

Our upcoming projects are varied and work across a wide range of disciplines; therefore we are on the look-out for well-rounded, intelligent performers that excel in all areas of their craft. We have several positions available for a number of dancers to join the company during these periods. Each project also offers an apprentice position for a current student training in contemporary dance. This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-paced, award-winning company in the next stage of its development.

Where: Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds LS74BH

When: Saturday 8th December.

Deadline for applications: 12th November 2018, 5pm

Important dates

  • Audition: 8th December 2018 at Northern School of Contemporary Dance

  • Application deadline: 12th November 2018

  • Successful applicants will receive invitation to audition by 19th November 2018. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified also.

  • Dates for all projects are yet to be confirmed and are funding dependent. First project dates are as follows:

    — Creation week: 21-27th January 2019

    — Creation week: 10-17th June 2019

    — Performance week: 22-29th June 2019

    Please still apply if you are unavailable for these dates as there are several positions available. Please note all projects will be based in Yorkshire.

How to apply

  • Cv

  • Headshot

  • Link to video

  • Short paragraph of interest

Please send your application to using the subject header ‘Northern Rascals Audition’ to

About Northern Rascals
Northern Rascals is a multi-disciplinary company created with the idea of taking thought-provoking dance theatre to a variety of audiences. Established by Anna Holmes and Sam Ford, the company amalgamate different art forms to create a fully immersive, engaging and relatable experience for the audience.

Artistically we’re interested in the human at the heart of the skilled mover; in fact after observing the performer for even a minute, we want to have become closer to who they are as an individual. We don’t want a carbon copy of what we already have, that’s not what Northern Rascals is about. We believe that The individuality and authenticity of our performers is what makes our work special. All in all, dancing for the sake of dancing without a glimpse of you means nothing to us; so come on, one more time with meaning!

Please note the Audition is by invitation only. All professional contracts are paid above equity rates. Apprentice contracts are unpaid.

For further information, please visit: and follow us @northernrascals on social media.