"red, Ridiculous and Raunchy" 

Warning: this piece contains a group of vain, conceited individuals. You may spot them in a pack-like formation, but don’t be surprised if they climb and kick their mates down the social pyramid until they become the sole pinnacle point of your attention. They may pull you in, suck the likes from your soul and compel you to join their ludicrous extravaganza but all I ask of you is to please keep in mind that the land they come from, Social Media, can be ridiculous. Equally, this piece can be ridiculous. 

#Enjoy and #Remember… you’re only as deep as your most recent inspirational Instagram quote!

This full length piece was created in 2016 at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, a full recreation will take place in 2019!

Performed by: Sam Ford, Stephanie Bentley, James Rosental, Kathryn Spence, Ellen Spence, Martha Gosnold, Natasha Smith and Charlotte Burton.

Created by Northern Rascals' Artistic Director: Anna Holmes.

Photo Credit: Flow Foster.