The Mesmerist

"no constructive criticism was required simply because it was pure brilliance from the very beginning, right through to the end" - Jigh, Audience Member, Omnibus Theatre


The Mesmerist’ whisks the audience away to the wondrous land where Angels wander. Amidst the ethereal calm, we meet Alf & Annie, two seasoned workers of the Angelic realm. Alf is stable, supported and content. 9124 days in and not one bump in the road. That is until the day Annie whirlwinds into his life. Taken up in her storm, Alf faces new challenges as he tries to juggle his work, his love and the Angel that is falling before him.

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Through a mixture of dance, clowning and stunning optical illusions, we follow this lovable and quirky duo on a magical journey of love and loss, of hope and adventure. At times comedic, at others poignant, this family-friendly show explores the importance of friendship and of reaching out to find the light when your world loses its spark.

2019 Premiere

23rd February York Theatre Royal 11.00am

Co-Artistic Director & Performer – Anna Holmes
Co-Artistic Director & Performer - Sam Ford
Costume Design by Jessie McEwan
Lighting Design by Barnaby Booth Composed by Jonathon Deering

‘The Mesmerist’ is supported by Arts Council England and SLAP in conjunction with the York and North Yorkshire Dance Hub, York Dance Space, Yorkshire Dance and York St John University.

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The scratch version of ‘The Mesmerist’ was entitled''Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder'; this initial work was awarded the judge's prize at SLAPmoves event at York Theatre Royal.

The Prize includes £500, 4 weeks rehearsal space and performance opportunities to continue the development of the proJect.

Previous Tour Dates:

2 MARCH - Yorkshire Dance, Leeds, 7.30pm

12 MARCH - Omnibus Theatre, London , 7.30pm

14 MARCH - SQ Arts, Halifax, 7.30pm

21 APRIL - Emerge Fest, Cannock Chase, 10-4pm  

27 APRIL - York Theatre Royal, 7.45pm




6 APRIL - Collide, Leeds City Centre 11-3pm

21 APRIL - Emerge Fest, Cannock Chase, 10-4pm  


1 JULY - Street Sunday, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival,


'Like Rumours of Hushed Thunder' is also available as a shortened version that can be performed in a variety of outdoor settings. Perfect for village, town and city festivals, this duet is a comedic take on the piece as we follow two mischievous 'angels' as they play their secret game in and around the streets and the people that walk amongst them. For bookings please contact us on 07774324629 or

Performed by Samuel Baxter and Sam Ford

Created by Northern Rascals

Photo Credit: Gavin Joynt, Nothern Rascals