Sunny Side


“When the sun is out, it’s extraordinarily beautiful – but it’s also very, very troubled.”

The premise of the work follows a male protagonist as he reunites with his childhood friends. Returning to their rural town, they’re faced with an environment that is slipping into a state of disrepair and faced with a future that appears bleaker than it does bright. During their reconciliation, they delve into the depths of their emotional connection to their upbringing and how this has affected their hopes, aspirations and psychological wellbeing as they grow.

Created for and alongside young people, ‘Sunny Side’ is a socially-impactful production that exists as an appropriate, accurate and ambitious portrayal of what it is to be a young adult in the current social and environmental climate.


This work is currently being created in the studio and we are looking to create alongside a focus group of young people across the North, following our belief that you can only create a work for a specific audience with them by your side.

The opportunity is FREE - book onto the taster session today!

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