Have a gand at our collection of works, and keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


The Mesmerist

Described by its audiences as ‘pure brilliance from the very beginning, right through to the very end’, the premise of the work follows two quirky yet endearing creatures that live in the mythical, parallel universe of ‘The Mesmerist’.  Told through a hypnotising score of dance, clowning and stunning optical illusion, the work takes the audience on a whirlwind ride of emotions encompassing love and loss, tolerance and support, and hope and adventure. At times comedic, at others poignant, this family-friendly show explores the importance of friendship and of reaching out to find the light when your world loses its spark.


Dearest Daisy

This Arts Council England funded project whisks the audience away on a journey of past and present, delving in and out of modern and historic love stories, all of which have been influenced in some way by the periodic setting of an Edwardian swimming pool. Interpreted through a mixture of poetry, contemporary dance and live music, ‘Dearest Daisy’ is a rare opportunity for the community and beyond to experience the transformation of this space as it is brought to life through the beauty of this unique and acclaimed show

Anna Holmes 2 Peas.jpg

2 Peas

Based on our personal memories and experiences, ‘2 Peas’ follows the unique and complicated relationship between sisters. This exciting duet delves into memories that seemed long ago forgotten, allowing the audience to meet many characters, some fictional, some real but all who have lived at some point in the weird and wonderful world of our imagination.

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This well-loved work looks at the superficial and supercilious world of social media. Performed by 8 dancers and one massive Emoji head, the cast uses the stage like they use their internet world, it's a platform to shine, show-off and socially sexualise. It's ridiculous, and quite equally, this piece is ridiculous too.



Inspired by the work of F.Scott Fitzgerald, Hafiz of Shiraz and a heartache or two, this solo is performed to a score of spoken word. 'U.' considers a deep, vital connection that exists between ourselves and our souls, does dependence only truly exist when it lands upon yourself?